What’s your story? How long have you been photographing people?

As alot of photographers, I’ve been taking pictures for as long as I can remember. When I was little, I did it because it brought me the most incredible joy and I never really thought about why or how or if I was going to do it “when I grew up”. But I think looking back, that was a sign that it was my calling. Because I never associated it with money or “a living”. It was just something I did for my soul.

I never stopped taking photographs but as I entered high school, I began focusing on writing and journalism as a possible career. So I joined my high school newspaper and began writing feature articles. We didn’t have a staff photographer so we were responsible for taking the pictures that went along with our stories. That’s the moment it all changed. Something clicked (forgive the pun) and my mom bought me my first ever “real” professional manual camera, a Kalimer K-90 that I still have to this day.

In 1996, I began an internship with the late Sonny Azzara, where he taught me the basics of film photography and darkroom development. Sonny had an interesting career before he opened his studio, he had been a photojournalist for the military and a crime scene photographer for the police department. His stories were remarkable and palatable and he fostered a relationship with photography as an artist and shared that vision with me.

What’s a Documentary Theory Session?

The best answer to this is what it isn’t. It isn’t begging or bribing your child(ren) to behave or worrying about whether they will. It isn’t forcing them into matching, uncomfortable clothes. It isn’t posing, pretending to smile or saying, “cheese”. For you and your family, it isn’t stressful or imaginary or a pretend version of what we all think a family should look like. It isn’t researching Pinterest for that “perfect” idea.

What it really is - is a TRUE STORY.

An honest, open and artful look at the real family you truly are. The messy, beautiful and wonderful moments that create the bond between you. It is the connections you make when nobody is telling you how to pose.

I spend time with you at a location, most likely your home, and follow you with my camera. I’m open, relaxed and will have conversations with you as I’m working but I’ll also be the “fly on the wall” sometimes, hanging back and just observing. I will laugh with your children and let them lead me. Whether you’re having just a normal routine at home, bbq’ing in the backyard or dancing in the park, I will document the moments that unfold naturally.

My home isn’t pretty, it’s a mess. I have laundry piled up, dishes in the sink and the couch is stained, the screen door is broken. I don’t like the way I look on a regular day, I don’t like the way I look ever.……..

I want you to look at this with your children’s eyes. I’m in this same boat. But just recently I realized, rather sadly and tragically, that my oldest son won’t have even a handful of images of me from his early or middle years because I literally ran from cameras. I used to cringe when I saw a photograph of me, honestly. But when I view it from his eyes, from my future grandchildren’s eyes - there’s an immense emptiness there. When I’m gone, they will have no images to put to any stories and memories. I will be a faceless figure. Now I realize my son doesn’t care at all about my wrinkles or the way I dress or how my hair is or if my house is spotless. He only cares about me. When he sees what I call my fat arms, he only sees the arms that open for a hug every time I see him. Now I have time to remedy that with my youngest. I can’t stress this enough - let go. Let me show you how beautiful you are, how beautiful your life is. When you do the million things you do everyday as a mom, you’re committing beautiful acts. Every day. a million tiny little acts of beauty - that’s you.

I don’t think you understand, my child(ren) are wild animals.

Oh, believe me, I understand. And here’s the one time you can let them go absolutely bonkers and not apologize for it. You may think I’m just being nice or saying it to make you feel better, but no - the more your kids are hoodlums, the easier my job is. I very truly mean that. The more carefree your children are, the more real they are. My work thrives on that. The crazy and wild in children is where the magic lies. So hype them up on sugar before I get there. Just kidding.

What would I do with these types of photographs?

Do you remember taking out photos or scrapbooks with your grandparents and family and looking through them? Well, that’s what this is. A chance to bring memories into tangible form. They will be the cherished heirlooms that generations of your family can pull out and reminisce over. If you’re a scrap-book type of family, I custom-design albums to suit most tastes. An Heirloom Box filled with loose photographs is another option that’s perfect for those family get-togethers, where you can pass the photos around. You can build a family gallery wall in your home with my museum quality prints, and for those looking for an amazing display, you can take advantage of my Signature Heirloom Framing. A classic modern-vintage touch that will become a focal point in your home and provide a unique piece of memory in your family heirloom collections.

Do you provide digital files?

Yes, I do. You will have the option to purchase individual image files, bundles or the whole session. Though, I do advise to come out of your session with tangible memories. Memories that don’t have to be brought up on a phone or computer. In this day and age it is extremely important to have something physical to hold in your hands, a physical heirloom to add to heirloom collections. I believe it matters to have these things to pass on to our future generations.

Can you come to my son’s birthday party, graduation party, wedding, etc.?

I do photograph special life events. Family Gatherings, Backyard BBQ’s, Anniversary Parties, Graduation Parties - if you’re gathering, I can document it. For weddings, I do not pose or do organized family photos. I document the event as it happens naturally.

How do I book a session?

Your session date will be reserved once I receive the session fee deposit. The session fee deposit is half of the session fee, with the remaining half due one week before the session. You will also be provided with a link to your contract and modeling release, etc. and that paperwork must be filled out and signed before the session can take place.

Can I reschedule if I book a session?

Life happens. If you have to reschedule due to illness, weather, etc., we can do that. However, I have to limit the amount and after the first rescheduling, there will be a $50 fee for every time after that.